Films I Like

Films I Like: Good Time by Benny & Josh Safdie

Benny and Josh Safdie are great at making audiences uncomfortable. I’ve read countless reviews about how their films are tense and unrelenting. This is true, but they somehow manage to remain enjoyable. With its neon tinge and oscillations between loudness and silence, Good Time feels like a faster, unhappier Drive. Robert Pattinson delivers a solid performance as a character we’re not intended to like by the end of the film.

Films I Like: The Lighthouse by Robert Eggers

Jarring in tone and pace, The Lighthouse is a stark vision of a descent into delirium. Like The Witch, this is a film deeply fascinated with superstition. The film’s 4:3 aspect ratio and black-and-white cinematography are certainly more than nostalgic gimmicks, but its sounds are arguably more haunting than its images.